Your questions answered

What is Wear it. Beat it.?

It’s a fun way to raise money for life saving heart research. You just wear red and help raise funds to beat heart disease by hosting a red event that you and your friends enjoy. You can sign up to Wear it. Beat it. at your office, home or school – register now and get your free Wear it. Beat it. Fundraising Kit sent out. It’s got oodles of goodies and ideas to help you have a fantastic event.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by using our sign up form or you can call us on 0300 330 0645.

When is it?

June 2017. We hope you’ll take part and help make it red everywear! However, if you’re unable to, then please hold your event whenever is best for you. It’s the taking part and showing your heart that matters.

Where does my money go? What will I fund?

When you raise money for the British Heart Foundation you’re helping to win the fight for every heartbeat. Your funds help to:

  • find treatments that transform the lives of people with heart disease
  • support over 1,000 pioneering research projects investigating all aspects of heart and circulatory disease
  • support BHF Heart Nurses to support and care for people.

Every pound you raise will help – whether it’s a wonderful £25 to fund a researcher for an hour, or a whopping £2,150 which would fund a whole week of research on one of our projects at Cambridge University. Find out more at

Is there a registration fee? Or a minimum amount I have to raise?

No, but please do raise as much as you can!  – plus you’ll get a free Wear it. Beat it. Red Everywear Fundraising Kit when you register to help get the pounds rolling in.

What happens after I sign up?

Once you’ve signed up you’ll get a confirmation email. Fundraising Kits will be posted out from March 2017. You’ll also receive emails to help you have a great event. But you can get going straight away by checking out all the fundraising ideas and resources here.

When will I receive my free Fundraising Kit?

We’ll start sending out packs in March 2017. Packs will be sent out weekly and should take around 7 days to reach you, but please allow up to 10 days as sometimes the post can take a bit longer. 

What’s in my Fundraising Kit?

Everything you need to make your event a success. The kit contains the following:

  • a guide to fundraising
  • invitations
  • a double-sided poster you can use before and after your event
  • a Wear’s Fred? Sweepstake game to help you raise funds
  • a money box
  • a set of stickers
  • a sheet of make-your-own bunting
  • a pop-out selfie frame and We’re Reddy sign, plus cards to label up any food at your event
  • forms to help you collect donations and Gift Aid
  • and finally a paying-in slip and return envelope.

If you register early enough, you could also receive a free red spotty bandana to wear on the day – they’re only available while stocks last.

What kind of red event could I host?

It really depends what you and your friends or colleagues would most enjoy. How about a cheery red tea break at work, a yummy red bake sale at school, or a jolly red happy hour and tasty nibbles at home? Your Fundraising Kit has many more ideas – or check out all the ones here.

What items can I download?

Here at you can download:

  • Fundraising guide
  • event posters
  • bunting
  • invitations
  • donation form

Can I order merchandise items?

Yes, you can order more great items to add to the red (and ease-factor) of your event. Check out the t-shirts, balloons, plates, cups and napkins at

How do I pay my money in?

You have lots of easy options for paying in.

At a bank:

Take donated cash, cheques and the paying-in slip from your Fundraising Kit to your bank or a local branch of NatWest.

Online: at

By post:

Complete the paying-in slip and use the prepaid envelope in your Fundraising Kit to send a cheque made out to British Heart Foundation to:


Wear it. Beat it.

British Heart Foundation

Lyndon Place, 2096 Coventry Road

Sheldon, Birmingham B26 3YU

Please do not send cash in the post.

By phone:

Call 0300 330 0645 to pay in using a debit or credit card.

Use JustGiving:

The Wear it. Beat it. team have already set up a page at People can use it to make their donation – and they can just tick a box to add Gift Aid. And the money will come directly to us. (Please note if you are using a JustGiving page there will be a slight delay of a few weeks until we receive acknowledgement of your donations.)

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid adds 25p to every £1 donated, at no cost to the donor. It’s a Government scheme that enables charities to claim this ‘extra money’ from tax that people have already paid. To allow us to claim Gift Aid, the donor has to be a UK taxpayer and have paid sufficient Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax to cover the amount BHF will reclaim in the tax year. Gift Aid raises extra funds like magic, so please ask everyone who donates and is a UK taxpayer to fill in the Gift Aid form (using their home address). And please be sure to send it to us after your event. You’ll find a Gift Aid form and pre-paid envelope in your Fundraising Kit.

Can a company Gift Aid their donation?

No. Only individuals can.

What is matched funding?

Matched funding is where a company offers to give a certain amount of money to your fundraising efforts. This can either ‘match’ the amount that you’re able to raise, or a fixed amount. If your company does not already offer this you could ask if they think it might be something they can do.

How long do I have to pay my money in?

Please pay in as soon as possible after your event, and you’ve received everyone’s donations.