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Bake Sale

Why not raise extra dough by running a Bake Sale? Tea and cakes are the right ingredients where ever you plan on holding your event; home, work or school.

You can channel your inner-Mary Berry and whip up some timeless classics from our online recipe selection, or make it a team effort and ask friends or colleagues to each bring a cake.

We suggest you set a price per slice but keep the donation box in sight as people may want to give more once they have tasted your wares. You can price your slice using the cake flag stickers in your free fundraising pack.

The icing on the cake?

Feeling competitive? Think the team would respond to a challenge? Why not turn your Bake Sale into a Bake Off? Each entrant’s cake is displayed anonymously; then tasters pay to try a bit of each (we suggest £5). They score every dish, and at the end, the winner is the one with the highest score.

Register for our free fundraising pack now, and you’ll get some top Bake Sale tools including bunting, stickers, posters and an exclusive Pippa Middleton recipe card.