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Fancy yourself as king of the grill? Well, why not get your coals red-hot this Wear it. Beat it. and use your skills to help raise more money to help beat heart disease.

Everyone loves a BBQ, and no one will turn down your invitation to come and feast on the spoils in return for a donation. You could ask for donations to attend, or put a suggested donation amount against each dish and drink that you offer.

You can theme your event red by using a red tablecloth and crockery along with the bunting, balloons, stickers, posters and collection box from your free fundraising pack.

Try our healthy BBQ chicken recipes.

Simply Red
Make your BBQ go with a bang (or maybe not!) by:

  • Offering a ‘jukebox’ and charging per song request.
  • Ask friends and local business to donate prizes as raffle prizes.
  • Turning your garden into a fairground with pay-to-play games such as ‘hook-a-duck’ using the paddling pool, ‘knock-down’ with food tins covered in red paper and ‘pin the tail on donkey’.