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Fancy Dress

So there is dressing up in red, and there’s DRESSING UP IN RED. Why not up the ante this Wear it. Beat it. with a fancy dress fundraiser.

Get all your friends, family, colleagues or kids to dress up for the day – you could go for top-to-toe red, silly wigs, super-heroes, bad-taste or whatever you fancy.

Everyone donates to enter, and there are prizes given for the best outfits. Don’t worry; your free pack includes Wear it. Beat it. stickers, so you won’t have to personally explain to everyone on the train why you are wearing your pants on top of your trousers.

Making it even fancier

You could raise more reddies on the day by:

  • Putting on a fashion show and selling tickets.
  • Ever wanted to see the boss dressed as a Spice Girl? You could offer forfeits in return for extra donations.
  • Offering a ‘get out of jail free’ card for people who really don’t want to dress up.
  • Having a red fancy dress box available on the day and charge per item.

Sign up for your fundraising pack now for lots more tips and free tools including posters, collection boxes, stickers and a selfie speech-bubble for sharing online. And don’t forget to send us your dress up selfies #WearItBeatIt