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Bea’s Story

I turned my school red for Wear it. Beat it. I did it in my dad’s memory, after he died of heart disease. It was my headteacher’s idea. When I went back to school after dad died my headteacher said that I should do something to remember Dad.

Wear it. Beat it came around, and I organised a bake sale and non-uniform day. It was really fun and raised £1,500.
The next year I decided to do something bigger. I turned the school red again. We did a bigger bake sale and a raffle. We also did a raffle in my village. This time we raised £1,800. I felt proud. It was really community spirited. I couldn’t believe how many people came forward to help.
Dad and I were very close. I think he would have been proud of the fact I am helping other people have a better chance than he did.
By raising money for research I hope other families won’t have to go through what we did.

Bea Holliday